Rethinking how we obtain, use, and reuse the world’s resources

    The environment is facing some serious challenges – litter, pollution and climate change – and this all stems from the way we consume. We believe that a healthy environment comes from the smart use of materials around us. That means maximizing use and re-use so that nothing is wasted, and ensuring nothing is truly thrown away.

    But belief is nothing without action. We keep the recycling wheels in motion and innovate solutions for tomorrow – developing new opportunities for a smarter recyclable future. With 82,000 systems in over 60 markets, we’re the world leader in reverse vending solutions. Every year we collect and recycle more than 35 billion cans and bottles – these materials are captured, recycled and turned back into new bottles and cans.

    Join us, and become a resource revolutionary

    How it works

    How to use a reverse vending machine

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    The Cleanest Loop

    Beverage containers recycled through reverse vending machines are collected and sorted without contamination from other types of waste. This...